Swift Transportation Scholarships

Swift Transportation established its Scholarship Program to provide college, university or trade/vocational school funding for the dependent children of Swift Transportation employees that have two consecutive years of employment. Contributions from employees fund the program, with matching funds from the corporation.  

Scholarship awards assist our undergraduate and graduate students with up to $2,500 per year ($1,250 per semester) toward their tuition expense.

The Arizona Community Foundation (ACF) administers the scholarship, which can be awarded annually for a maximum of 4 consecutive years (8 semesters). ACF contacts students via email each spring with instructions on how to request a renewal.

Who is Eligible for this Scholarship?

  • U.S. citizen or legal resident.
  • 21 years of age or younger at time of application deadline when first applying.
  • Dependent child of a full-time Swift Transportation employee (Company Driver, Office, Shop, Owner/Operator) with at least two years of consecutive employment by application deadline.
  • High School senior graduating from accredited high school OR a student already attending an accredited post-secondary school or career/tech program in undergraduate or graduate studies.
  • Active participant in school and community activities.
  • Academically motivated as determined by transcripts, recommendations and application materials.
  • Preference may be given to students with higher financial need as determined by information from the required application materials.

How to Apply

SCHOLARSHIPS (for New Applicants) OPEN JANUARY 6, 2020

  1. New students (not previously awarded) "Sign Up" and complete online scholarship application. https://azfoundation.academicworks.com/
  2. Submit online application and additional required information (Unofficial Transcripts, SAR, 2 References, etc.) by the MAY 15th DEADLINE.  Give references at least 30 days to respond.
  4. ACF's Scholarship Committee selects annual awards from COMPLETE applications.
  5. ACF will notify selected students via email in June/July.
  6. PREVIOUSLY AWARDED STUDENTS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO RE-APPLY EACH YEAR; ACF will contact them each spring via email about the renewal process for the following academic year.

If you haven't received an award email by July 30, contact the ACF Scholarship Department: