Employee Assistance

How We Can Help

 - Swift Charities may be able to provide financial support for our Swift families who have encountered unexpected financial hardship as a result of a qualifying hardship event such as:

  • Medical Emergencies: Severe Illness, Accident, Injury
  • Natural Disasters: Earthquake, Tornado, Hurricane, Flood, etc.
  • Death in the Immediate Family

 - In order to maintain the Swift Charities tax exempt status with the IRS, we are unable to approve grant requests for financial issues that are based on:

  • Poor financial planning
  • Unsuccessful personal investments
  • Legal expenses
  • Fluctuations in the economy
  • Equipment failure, lack of freight/miles

 - For more specific information regarding hardship and disaster relief guidelines as defined by the IRS please use this link to review the IRS Publication 

How To Apply

 - The individual seeking assistance must be an active Swift Transportation employee or contracted driver who has experienced a qualifying hardship.

The following information must be received and reviewed before assistance may be granted:

  1. Send documents that support your hardship event (Accident Reports, Medical Documents/Bills/Correspondence, Funeral Service Statements, Pictures, etc.)
  2. Send copies of documents supporting your financial need (Bills, Statements, Invoices, Receipts, etc.)
  3. Submit Online Employee Assistance Request Form - Use this link to complete and submit Employee Assistance Request Form

Send required information requested in steps 2 and 3 using one of the following:

  • FAX - 623-907-7422
  • EMAIL - Charities@swifttrans.com
  • MAIL - Swift Charities - Attn: Employee Assistance - P.O. Box 29243 - Phoenix, AZ 85038

 - When all required documents are received, the request will be reviewed.

 - The Employee Assistance Review Committee meets weekly (Wednesday) and will make every effort to contact each applicant within 24 hours after a determination is made.

Note: All information and correspondence obtained throughout this process is strictly confidential and shared only with individuals included in the review process.